If you are interested in any available model, please contact the P&E TELIS TANK, and we will send the detailed technical description of the particular model and of course the all required information.


Leopard A2 at 1/10 scale
Length 967 mm
Width 370 mm
Height 280 mm
Weight 15 kg
Fuel engine 0.5 liter tank
This model has a fiberglass-steel chassis construction plus zinc-coated tower, a 6-channel R/C unit to create more challenging tasks can control it. A 10 cubic cm. motor, cooled by a flywheel-powered ventilator powers the tank.. The tank has got three gears forward, reverse, turning tower and a muzzle of a gun, working gun system (signal cartridge).


Scorpion at 1/14 scale
Scorpion Scorpion
Scorpion Scorpion
Scorpion Scorpion
Scorpion Scorpion
The model of Scorpion is built at 1/14 scale with the electric engine. This model has got many functions as shooting mechanism, working ploughshare, turning tower, functional lights, commander and driver climb up the trap.


M1 Abrams at 1/14 scale
Length 723,9 mm w/gun
Width 254 mm
Height 177,8 mm
Weight 3,405 kg
This model of R/C 1/14 scale tank we offer with an electric motor, it is previously made from special plastic.



M1 ABRAMS 1:10
Length 800 mm
Width 390 mm
Height 260mm
Weight 26kg
This R/C model of M 1 Abrams was built mainly from laminated plastic and fibreglass in the 1/10scale. The tank has got a starter and it is powered by the four-stroke engine (12 c.c.). The modern gearbox enables to shift three gears forward and three gears reverse and easy yawing. The model has got many functions: turning tower and gunport, uplifting of muzzle, firing of signal rockets.


Length 565,15 mm
Width 243,84 mm
Height 222,25 mm
Weight 6,36 kg
This US Army missile launcher is available as a R/C electric model. The tank has separated track links and more.


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